Eugenia Ramos Alonso

Design Portfolio 2017

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Type: Home/Lighting design

Collaboration: Hay Talent Award

Tria was a collaboration project for the HAY Talent Award. (HAY Talent Award is an ambitious Nordic design prize, and students from all design schools are invited to take part).  We chose to create a decorative lamp and it was essential to keep the Danish aesthetics in mind when creating this piece so could hypothetically integrate with their existing products. Tria is a hanging lamp made out of white ceramic material.  The lamp mimics a floor lamp but it actually hovers 400mm above the floor. The lamp is made of a series of rings with recessed LED lighting, thanks to the ring’s particular section.  This creates a smooth ambient light with some obscurity as its not obvious where the light source is coming from. The light flows out and down in order to create a calm and relaxing environment. The cables were chosen in burgundy colour to enhance it’s floating effect when in use (since it’s a dark shade) but also to be aesthetically pleasing still in a bright environment.