Eugenia Ramos Alonso

Design Portfolio 2017

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Type: Product/Experimental Interactive Design

Collaboration: Espadaysantacruz Studio

Paul was a project I worked on and experiment with the open-source electronic prototyping platform Arduino.  Paul is an interactive toy with an internal motion sensor.  Paul rests on a ‘nest’ which is a circular stand with a built-in Bluetooth system.  The nest and Paul are connected via this Bluetooth system.  Paul and his nest are a part in a game to be played with a group of people that sit in a circle around Paul and his nest.  The objective is to slowly pick up Paul and pass him around the circle.  The aim is to no ‘wake’ him.  If Paul is not carefully handled, he will ‘wake’ which happens with a vibrating alarm detection system and flashing LED light built into the nest.  Paul only deactivates when he is placed back in his nest. Paul is a good learning system for children and can teach them how to delicately handle things and work with others.