Eugenia Ramos Alonso

Design Portfolio 2017

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Undergraduate Thesis Project

Flow is a concept Portable Oxygen Concentrator, used to treat COPD patients. It’s main focus points are to reduce in size and weight, to adapt to different lifestyles and situations, and to improve the user-product interaction and communication. Flow counts on 4 items: Portable Oxygen Concentrator, Cannula ear accessory, wrist gadget and induction charging dock. The main innovation to allow for improved ergonomics lies on the insides of Flow. Reduced weight and size achieved by replacing the original sieve beds or air filters (big and heavy) with smaller, disposable air filters. This also extends the product’s lifetime. Also applying an Al-Air battery currently in development by Phynergy, much more efficient, and completely recyclable. Flow fits in most standard bags, it also has a slightly elastic band around its body to be able to adapt to different situations: attach to a chair’s back/arm rest, car seat, bag pack straps, trousers, belt, etc. The smart wrist gadget includes skin sensors to keep readings of vitals under control and adapt Flow’s setting to the patient’s state. This should make the user feel safer when carrying out any physical activity and specially in case of an exacerbation (breathing crisis). Wrist gadget also removes the need for a physical manoeuvre to interact with product. Finally ear cannula accessory is designed to avoid skin irritation and be fixed in place without the need for tension or pressure.