Eugenia Ramos Alonso

Design Portfolio 2017

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Type: Product/Home design

Collaboration: Bellota, Copade

Cliff is a home gardening system I designed for city dwellers wanting to grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruit.  I live in a flat in Madrid and enjoy cooking using the freshest ingredients so was faced with a problem due to having limited living space and no outdoor land to grow my own food.  I wanted to create a modular and stackable planter system that is space adaptable without compromising surface area but that allowed for decent to ample soil depth to properly grow deep rooted crops.  The Cliff system has hardly any hardware, only dowels to connect walls to support structure.  I designed the system with the support structure on the outside and the unit walls on the inside.  This way, when stacked, unit floors can be removed to create deeper beds.  Also, when the unit is filled with soil, the pressure creates a strong tension to hold the system together.